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Why has this guide been developed?


This guide has been developed to address questions regarding the use of orders and delegation to facilitate interprofessional care by health professionals practicing in any setting across the province. It has been developed as a consensus document by the Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario and is designed to complement and assist with fulfilling guidelines, standards and regulations developed by each health profession college. For specifics and questions pertaining to each profession, refer to the respective college.


The guide is based on a framework of the fundamental cornerstones of health professional practice: patient interest and public protection achieved by regulated health professionals practicing independently and in teams in accordance with regulatory and legislative expectations for practice. The framework is illustrated as follows:




For the purposes of this guide:


The guide has been designed to enable readers to choose where to focus.


Directives and delegation can address evolving health care needs by extending authority to perform procedures within existing legislative frameworks. However, they are not always a viable solution for addressing evolving needs in part due to the administrative load incurred when using them. Therefore, as health care professionals evolve in their competence to perform procedures that address evolving needs, consideration must also be given to updating their legislative authority.







This guide is a consensus document developed by the Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario. The Federation comprises the 26 health regulatory colleges that regulate health professionals in Ontario. Other stakeholders involved in the development of the guide included the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and the Ontario Hospital Association. For questions, contact the relevant college.


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