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"2015-2016 Highlights" is just that - the highlights of the last Federation year (spanning from the April 24, 2015 Annual Meeting to the April 28, 2016 Annual Meeting).


Highlights describes the purpose and priorities of the Federation as well as key developments, committee activity and transitions amongst Federation members.


Please contact Executive Coordinator Beth Ann Kenny if you have any trouble with the document or if you have any questions about FHRCO.

Congratulations to Shenda Tanchak who was elected as the Federation's President.


FHRCO's Executive Committee for 2016-2017


Shenda Tanchak, President

Kevin Taylor, Vice-President

Brenda Kritzer, Treasurer

Linda Gough, Past President

Elinor Larney, Member

Brian O'Riordan, Member

Kathy Wilkie, Member




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